The Hahns

The Hahns

Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Eve and Day

Christmas Sunday
The kids got a Lego Advent Calendar (in the back of the next picture) this year.  They spent a lot of time arguing about whose turn it was to assemble the Legos.  Next year we are making a list!  It was fun to see each day, though.  On Christmas Eve, Santa lets our elf, Tricky have extra magic so the kids can play with him.  Then, Santa picks him up in his sleigh.  The kids look forward to this day all year long!
Tricky got into all kinds of trouble from taking candy to teepeeing our Christmas tree.  He made his own gingerbread house and had fun writing notes to the kids.

new Christmas pjs

Santa's plate of goodies
Christmas morning, Emerson was up at 6:30.  Landon slept in a little longer, but by 7:00, they were ready to open stockings and presents.  Emerson asked for Hatchimals and a Fuji Instant Camera.  Landon asked for sports cards and an IPhone.  They each got one thing on their list!

Landon and Emerson always love picking out presents for each other.  They use their own money and usually do a pretty good job picking out gifts.
We had a white Christmas this year so I made the kids go out in the snow for a picture (neither one was very happy; it was pretty cold! ❄)  Right after this, Emerson complained that her head hurt.  I took her temperature and it was 101.  So, she and Matt stayed home while Landon and I went to Christmas at the Clarks.

Our host and hostess

pretty ladies
Caleb did a great job opening his presents up after his nap.
We brought home presents for Emmy and Matt to open.
We had a wonderful Christmas season celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus.  Glory to God!

Cookies and Christmas Brunch

Every year, we get together with the Davis family and decorate cookies for Santa πŸŽ… (and eat a few ourselves).  The kids enjoy playing together and it's always nice to share a meal and talk.  The kids are getting much better at figuring out how much frosting and sprinkles is appropriate for a cookie. 🀢

"Alicia, you have to take my picture." πŸ’—

Those look delicious!!
We also enjoy having our annual Christmas brunch with the Hahn family.  We usually get together the morning of Christmas Eve, but since that fell on a Sunday this year, we went on Saturday instead.  We missed Nate and Sara.  They came up for Thanksgiving and celebrated Christmas then.  It's always a nice relaxing day.  We also went to see the new Star Wars movie together in the afternoon.
Emerson picked out some parrot earrings for Gma.

Being a 9 year old boy, Landon thought the title of this book was hilarious! 🀣

Matt supporting Christmas and Star Wars at the same time!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mystery Illness

So, at the time of this blog post, I have had some "mystery illness" for over 5 weeks.  I've been to my family doctor 3 times, had several blood tests run for anemia, thyroid, mono, hormones that have all come back normal.  I then went to Crossroads Healing Arts, a holistic place where they ran more tests.  As of today, I am still waiting on blood tests to come back and have another appointment on Jan. 4th.  I just feel really run down and tired all the time.  I can do a few things, then have to sit down and rest.  I don't feel sleepy tired, but my muscles are tired.  Not achy, just tired.  It is super frustrating that I do not know the cause of this yet, but I have to keep faith that God is in control and we will figure it out soon. 
I have been so blessed by my family.  Matt has been mom and dad and is doing a fantastic job.  My parents and Cathy have been getting the kids to school and practices.  My church family has been so kind in sending cards and asking how I'm doing.  My school family got together a sunshine box for me with things to keep me busy.  They've been understanding and supportive of all the time I've had to take off.
I do hope to know soon so I can do what I need to to start feeling better.  As Landon said, "I'm ready to have regular mom back, not sick mom." And I agree!

Christmas in Snowflake County

On December 10, Landon and Emerson performed in the church musical, "Christmas in Snowflake County."  It was super cute.  All the kids, and adults, did a fantastic job.  Emerson, Tessa, and Avery had 3 special dance numbers (ballet, tap, and line dancing) that they did front and center.  Landon had a solo in a Christmas rap.  It's always fun to see the kids enjoying themselves!

Two days later, the 2nd and 3rd graders had a performance for school.  Unfortunately, Emerson got sick and had to stay home from school that day so I stayed with her while Matt went and watched Landon.  From what I heard, it didn't go the best, but not everything does.  Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Matt's 40th birthday and S.N.O.W!

This is the only picture I got of Matt on his big day.  The students and teachers at school wore Star Wars shirts or black to celebrate him turning 40.  His friend, Jamie, also made a slideshow of pictures of the birthday boy.  I'm glad we got to go to Las Vegas and celebrate early because I still didn't feel like going out to celebrate.
We've had some early snow and the kids have loved it!
They've been on the sled, built snowmen and snowforts, and enjoyed being outside.

Emerson built Mrs. Nunemaker so I could see her out the window and not be lonely!  She lasted a few days before melting away. ☃

Christmas tree and Santa

The first Saturday in December is always reserved for Christmas tree shopping.  Poor Matt always has to go his birthday weekend.  So, although I had been feeling bad for a week or so, I loaded up in the truck and quickly walked around Eby Pines to choose the perfect tree.  It was a beautiful winter coats needed.  We chose a tree and some wreaths for the grandmas and came home. 
Emmy got cold and had to wear dad's sweatshirt.
Over the next week, we slowly got lights and ornaments on the tree.  I like to take a picture of the kids every year with their birth ornament.

Here's the finished project.  The kids hung most of the ornaments and although everything is not perfectly matched or perfectly spaced, I love it!  You can see years of special memories hanging on the tree.

making a 'J' for Jesus
I LOVE the way the lights glow at night.  There's just something so special about Christmas lights.
When we picked out the tree, we also got to see Santa.  Emerson had her list all prepared and written out!  She asked for Hatchimals and a Polaroid camera.
Landon wanted to keep his wish list a secret, but I found out later that he asked Santa for some basketball, football, or baseball cards.  I had to make sure that I didn't get him the same things that Santa did!

Emmy's wearing the sweatshirt I had worn as a little girl.  She loves it, even though it's a bit small!
Love making Christmas memories!!πŸŽ„

Friday, December 01, 2017

Halloween and Cousin Time

Well, I like to wait approximately a month between taking pictures and writing about here we are at Halloween! πŸ‚  The kiddos had a great time carving pumpkins.  Landon likes to go traditional and carve the jack-o-lantern while Emmy always has to get creative.  She originally wanted to carve The Little Mermaid, but that was WAY too difficult, so she made her own creation.

For trick or treating, Emerson really wanted to go as Mal from the movie Descendants 2, but that costume was over $30 so we compromised and found costumes at home this year.  Em was happy she could do face paint 🐢 and Landon was happy to not have to get all dressed up ⚾.  We met up with the Clarks at Todd and Cathy's.  Brooklyn was a unicornπŸ¦„ and Caleb (who was too busy to get a non-blurry picture) was Superman πŸ‘“.

We got to watch Brooklyn and Caleb overnight and it was so neat to see how they bonded with their cousins.  Landon did a great job playing with Brooklyn.  He kept her entertained and sang to her.  Emerson loves taking care of Caleb.  She helped him get dressed and took him to the bathroom when he needed to go.  Watching a 2 year old and 6 month old keep you on your toes, but with two older kids to help, it's much easier!