The Hahns

The Hahns

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Emerson is nine!

Our sweet baby girl turned 9 on May 23rd.  She had been counting down the days for weeks and was soooooo excited when the day finally came!  Her birthday is always around Memorial Day and a little tricky to schedule so we had her parties on 2 different weekends. 
She wanted a sleepover for her friend party and invited her sweet friends.  The girls were amazing.  They got along great and were asleep by 10:30.
Lizzy, Emmy, Allie, Claire (and Bob the elephant)
 They made their own pizzas.
 And did some face painting.
 Then it was time for a movie and bed.  They were quiet until around 7 the next morning and played well (even letting Landon join) until parents came to pick them up. 
Em with her birth tree
 Her birthday was on a Wednesday and she wanted to go to Steak N Shake for chili, then Urban Swirl for frozen yogurt.  She got The Greatest Showman CD, Amazon gift card, diapers for her Baby Alive dolls, and some new clothes.
 Then, the next weekend, we celebrated with family!  It was gorgeous outside so we ate lunch on the back deck after opening gifts.
Cousins helping open gifts!

Em loves ice cream cakes!

Emerson is so thoughtful and loving.  She enjoys helping people and likes to be in charge!  She is so creative and loves art, cooking, and crafts.  We are so blessed to have this young lady as part of our family.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Brooklyn's birthday and Mother's Day

My sweet little niece turned 1 on April 21st.  She is certainly starting to develop her own personality.  She loves to eat and her favorite word is, "No".  But she is sure cute!

 We celebrated Mother's Day with going to church to see Brooklyn dedicated and having the family over for dinner.  Matt grilled some delicious ribs and it was nice enough that we could all be outside (although we cleaned the whole basement just to be safe!).

 We also got the garden planted and weeded.  I had to take a picture because I'm sure it will never be this weed free again.  Although, we assigned each kid a box that they will be in charge of weeding this summer so I hope that helps!

Monday, April 09, 2018

Spring Break

We had a great Spring Break with cousins and a short getaway.  The Bergers came to spend the night.  We colored eggs, the boys played Mario Kart, and the girls played in Emerson's room.  It was nice to catch up with them.
We got a Groupon for an indoor waterpark near Cedar Point called Castaway Bay and decided to try it.  The kids loved it!  It wasn't real big and had quite a bit for younger kids, but they had a ball.  They loved the wave pool and the big raft ride.  They also spent a lot of time on the waterslides and Landon loved playing basketball in the pool.  The big spa was also great.  It was really nice to get away and pretend it was warm! ;) 

They had fun playing in the arcade too!

They had karaoke, a dance party, and Peanuts movie for the kids too.  I would say the park is geared for 10 and under, but we saw several older kids who looked like they were having a great time.  It was also about half the cost of a more expensive indoor waterpark (Kalahari or Great Wolf Lodge).

We also got to watch Caleb and Brooklyn for a day.  They are fun and so busy!  Our kids did a great job helping with their cousins and playing with them.  Landon and Caleb played ball down the stairs forever. 
Now back to school to finish the year!

Sunday, April 08, 2018


This year Easter was the first day of April (April Fool's Day).  It also happened to be the first weekend of Spring Break.  We had 2 wonderful celebrations with family to celebrate our risen Lord.

 We had dinner at Mom and Dads on Easter Sunday with an indoor egg hunt (it was in the 30s) at the Clarks.

 The next weekend, we had dinner at Todd and Cathy's with an outdoor egg hunt (still cold though!).

We are so blessed to have family nearby to celebrate with.  We missed Nate and Sara, though.

Fiddler's Pond and Book Madness

March brings some crazy weather to Indiana and it sometimes feels like the month that never ends.  Thankfully between the snow falls, we had a few nice, sunny days.  On one of those days, we went to Fiddler's Pond in Goshen to ride bikes and fish.  It was so nice to be outside without a winter coat (of course the snow came back several more times after this!)

 We also had March Madness to help us get through the month.  My bracket was pretty much all wrong and I was in last place for quite awhile in our school and family bracket.  Luckily, I picked the overall winner so I didn't end up at the bottom! 
At school we have a Book Madness bracket and choose the best book of the month.  Kids also got tickets to try to earn a free book, a chance to cheer, or play in a basketball game versus the teachers.  Emmy was thrilled to be able to cheer and Landon thought it was great playing against his teacher!

Flooding, Daddy Daughter Dance, Date Night

At the end of February,  we had some weird weather.  We had so much snow, which turned to rain.  There was nowhere for all of the water to go, so several areas flooded.  Roads were closed, parking lots flooded, and many problems with houses having too much water.  We even had school cancelled for a flood day!  It was crazy.
This all happened the day before the Daddy Daughter Dance and Emmy was upset thinking the dance would be cancelled.  Thankfully the waters receeded enough that the girls could enjoy this special night with their Dads. 

Matt and I finally got away for a date night too.  We had tried 4 times to go.  Between sickness, weather, and sitters having plans, we had to call Kankakee Grill and reschedule so many times.  We were so glad to finally get a night away together.  We went to the new casino in South Bend.  The meal was yummy!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Family Date Night and More Snow!

The kids love going places.  Really anywhere is great (although Landon hasn't been too excited about the grocery store lately!).  So we took them to TGI Fridays, they love the kid's Mac and cheese, and Strikes and Spares.  We played black light mini golf,  rode go carts , and played arcade games.  It was a great evening!

 We got more snow!  So much that school was cancelled.  I never heard the exact amount, but we had 12 inches at our house over a few days.

Sickness update

I see that I also haven't updated on my "mystery illness" yet.  On January 4th, I went in for my appointment and found out a lot of things were wrong with me . 😩  My vitamin D was really low, I had systemic yeast,  my adrenal glands weren't doing all their jobs and were stressed out by everything else, and I had mono at some point.  Also I was tested for lupus (negative) and Lyme Disease (negative).  I have 5 different prescriptions/supplements that I am taking.
3 weeks ago on Jan. 29th I finally returned back to work for 1/2 days in the afternoons.  All of the supplements are helping!  I was so glad to be feeling a little better and be able to do some things!  I'm not out of the woods yet, though.  My doctor thinks I have an autoimmune disease and I have an appointment with a rheumatologist on March 1st.
I am also on a crappy diet of NO sugar and very little carbs.  Basically anything that my body would turn in to sugar, I'm not supposed to eat.  So I've cut out all pop, desserts, and most processed food because it all has some sort of sugar product.  It is taking awhile to get used to and I am frustrated some days when I have to make a separate meal for myself.  But I feel so much better than I did that I'm willing to do it.  I still get tired easier and there are times when my arms feel prickly, but those symptoms still let me get out and do things.
I am so blessed by everyone who has supported me, asked questions, given money and gift cards, cards, texts, etc during this time.  God is good.

January review

So, I was told I hadn't blogged since Christmas...which is true! 😁  Here's what we've been up to in January:
Every once in awhile, someone isn't feeling well, we sleep in too long, or the weather isn't good on a Sunday and we have "home church".  The kids plan the service and let everyone know what their role is.  This month, Landon preached the sermon and played a Christmas song while Emmy did the children's story and led praise singing.  It's always so insightful to see what they are learning about God.💒

 We have had a TON of snow this winter and the kids have enjoyed playing in it (well you have to make Landon get all dressed and go out, but then he loves it).  One evening, the Davis crew came over to sled.  Matt made a ramp for the kids to jump and they loved it.  They all played until dark.❄

 Landon also started Vertical Basketball.  He is on the Seahawks and Matt is coaching again.  I just love this program.  They have a practice, game, and devotional each Saturday morning and most Thursday evenings.  Landon loves basketball (just like most other sports!) 🏀