The Hahns

The Hahns

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Soccer and Caleb turns 2

Both kids played on the Ravens soccer team this year.  I am imagining I'm getting close to not having both on the same team, but boy is it easier!  They had a great time playing, as always, and both got better as the year progressed.  Landon scored a few goals and Emmy finally got in there and went after the ball instead of waiting for it to come to her.⚽⚽⚽

Coaches: Charlie and Gavin
Back row: Brennan, Malyk, Eli, Kylie, Henry, Mackenzie, Tatiana, Ava
Front row: Charli, Brayden, Landon, Emmy, Lennon

On August 13th, we got to celebrate Caleb turning 2!  He LOVES Micky Mouse Clubhouse so that was the theme this year.  It was so cute.  Caleb is one special little boy.

 This littlest lady is pretty special too!  She's 3 months old and so adorable!

Steven and Kristina were great hosts and we had so much fun celebrating this sweet little guy!

Chicago Trip!

We had a great short vacation in Chicago.  Landon loves baseball and he really wanted to see the Cubs play.  Emerson really didn't!  So she and I headed to Shedd Aquarium while the boys went to the game.  We had a nice time seeing a 4D movie, dolphin show, and all the animals.

We both really thought the sting ray touch was awesome!  The sting rays just floated by as you touched their backs.  They also had a starfish touch, but Em didn't like that one as much because the water was 50 degrees!

Front row for the dolphin show.  There were also penguins and a dog.
Best decorated dog statue: Bears and Cubs
After the aquarium, since the boys were still at the game, we walked (2.5 miles!) to the American Girl store, where Emmy picked out a dog for her doll with a leash, and Lego store.  We were exhausted after this busy day.
Meanwhile, the boys were at the Cubs game.
They had a great time even though...
there were 3 rain delays!  The game started 1.5 hours late.  And sadly, the Cubs lost.  But Landon had a great experience.
We spent the night and decided to go to Willis Tower the next day.  Matt and I hadn't been up in years and the kids never had.

Landon wasn't too sure about going out in the glass box 103 floors above Chicago!

Afterwards, we had to stop at Giordanos and get some deep dish pizza.  The wait was 20 minutes, the pizza took about 45, but it was worth it!  So yummy!
A great end of summer adventure!

Lake time

We were so happy to be invited again to stay with John and Nancy this summer.  Also, Landon and Matt got to come (they were in the UP last year).  We had a great time on the boat, tubing, paddle boating, swimming, eating, and catching up.  Thanks Mathis family!

Caleb DID like the paddle boat!

This girl was so brave!  Emmy let go of the handles and stood up on the tube every chance she got!

Even Ruth got in on the fun....after some coaxing!
We missed Steven this year.  Hopefully next time, we can all come together!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pool time, Pottery and 4H Fair

We've had a great time with the pool this summer.  It has been more work than I thought it would be...but the kids have LOVED it!  It seems like as soon as I got everything figured out, a few days later it would be dirty, or green, or brown, or low salt, etc.  We've had fun though!

Happy baby!
 The boys went on their annual fishing trip up north so while they were gone, we took the girls to paint pottery.  We had a great time!  Then we went to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Warsaw that was yummy!

We spent a lot of time at the fair this year.  The weather was great!  We got to see several concerts, the pig show, and the kids rode several rides!
pirate highwire act
 Emmy got to see her first concert, Danny Gokey.  She loved it, but thought it was loud!😁

 Matt and I went to see Martina McBride.  We saw her a few years ago when she came as well.  Or at least that's what we thought...but then Martina said she was there 20 years ago!  Wow, we are old!

Summer FUN!