The Hahns

The Hahns

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Catch up from January/February

Well, yes...apparently it's been 2 months already since I last blogged about Christmas time!  My, how time flies!  Here's what we've been up to:
We finally got around to decorating  gingerbread houses on Jan. 1st.  A little late, but it still tasted just as good. ๐Ÿ‘

We've been reading Harry Potter, so you may notice Emerson's lightning๐Ÿ—ฒ scar in these pictures!

Emerson has been taking gymnastics lessons and she's made some great improvements over this school year.  So when a cheer camp flyer came out, she was super excited!  The girls got to work with the NWHS cheerleaders, learned some cheers and a dance, and had the opportunity to cheer at a basketball game.  Unfortunately on the night of the game, Emerson was sick and missed school that day.  But, she did enjoy the day at camp.๐Ÿ“ฃ

Kenna came to camp too!

 Landon played Vertical Basketball instead of Upwards this year.  It wasn't much different, but was less expensive and the coaches also acted as refs.  Matt coached Landon's team and I helped out when needed.  He loved the game and really improved over the season.  He got more confident with the ball and scored several times a game.  We had games every Saturday and every other Thursday, so it was busy, but he loved every minute of it.  He was number 3 (and it's totally hard to get a good, not blurry picture during a game).๐Ÿ€

Front row: Matthew, Karsten, Cole, Wesley
Back row: Carter, Landon, Miles, Brennan, and Coach Matt
Emerson has a huge giving heart and definitely loves to give (and get :)) gifts.  This year, she surprised us by making chocolate mint cookies by following a recipe all by herself.  I helped her bake them and they kind of melted into one big cookie, but I definitely think she did a great job for her first time following a recipe on her own. 
 We don't usually get the kids gifts for Valentine's Day, but I know how much they like gifts and candy, so this year we did. :)  Landon looked at the package and said, "Wow, Russell Stevers gave us a gift?"  No buddy, but Russell Stover did make the candy you're getting. ๐Ÿ’—

 Matt and I got tickets for the Purdue basketball game versus Rutgers that happened to be on Valentine's Day from Mikel and Jessica.  We had originally planned to take the next day, Wednesday, as a personal day and spend the night in Lafayette.  But the 2 weeks before, we had all been sick and missed a lot of school between us and the kids.  Then on that day, I didn't really feel well and almost didn't go to the game.  The game was a lot of fun, though and seats were great.

 Lastly, Matt got Emerson tickets to go to the Daddy/Daughter Dance a few days after Valentine's Day.  She was excited for WEEKS!  And John and Kenna got tickets too.  They had a ball and the girls enjoyed every minute of it.  I took Landon out to Steak 'N Shake for dinner and played video games with him.  It's so nice and important to spend time one on one with the kids.

Loving our time together and hope we are over all the sickness that's come our way!  We've had a really crazy winter with little to no snow and lots of warm days.  I don't remember any winter where we've left our coats at home so much!  Looking forward to what March will bring.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Day

After the late Christmas Eve, the kiddos did a pretty good job sleeping in the next morning.  Unfortunately, though, that didn't leave any time to open stockings before church.  So Emerson was more than anxious to get home to see what Santa left and see our surprise from the gifts she made us and picked out for her brother!
 I got Landon a tie ๐Ÿ‘” and in all our rush to get ready, forgot to have him wear it. ๐Ÿ˜ข
 As soon as we got home (before we could even change our clothes), the kiddos were ready to get opening.

 I love watching the expressions on their faces as they see what is in each gift.
They were so excited with their gifts from each other.  Landon got Emmy some Shopkins and Emmy got Landon some Magic cards and football cards.
 These were gifts sent by Landon's birthmother, Mary.  I noticed I forgot to take pictures with their Santa gifts, but Emerson got a CD player and Landon got a new Nerf gun.
 Later that afternoon, we went over to Steven and Kristina's for Christmas.  We opened presents first and Landon decided he wanted to be the photographer ๐Ÿ“ทso most of these pictures were taken by him!

We had yummy hot chocolate and WAAYYY too much food, but it was all delicious.  Jess, Grace, and Tyler joined us for dinner.  What a nice way to end our celebrations.  I hope you enjoyed your family and friends and got time to reflect on the birth of Jesus this Christmas season.

Christmas Eve

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year so our traditions all around looked a little different this year, which is fine, just different!  Nate and Sara drove up from Evansville and stayed with us Friday night through Tuesday morning.  It was so nice having them around and getting to know Sara a little better.  The kids LOVED having them stay with us, too!
As I was finishing up Christmas shopping earlier in the week, I found these curlers and Emerson wanted to try them so she'd have curly hair for Christmas.  They worked amazingly well!  We put them in after her shower and she slept on them all night.  The next morning...
her hair was SUPER curly and so cute.  She was really excited about it and also since they were really good, they got to play with Tricky, the elf, and Santa came to pick him up when he delivered presents.
They both LOVE their elf so much and usually spend a good amount of time arguing over who's turn it is to play with him or hold him!
We had a Christmas Eve brunch over at Todd and Cathy's again this year.  It is always yummy and a nice relaxing time.  The kids go over in their pjs and get to spend most of the day playing,

Usually, before the kids go to bed, they open their new Christmas pjs, put out milk and cookies for Santa, and "try" really hard to get to sleep.  This year, though, was a little different because our Sunday School class was in charge of the service at church.  So the kids got to stay up past midnight!  Matt and I got to play Mary and Joseph in the play that Pastor Frank wrote for us.  The kids were so excited to stay up so late, but we had to rush home and get to sleep so Santa could stop at our house and fill the stockings and hopefully leave each child a present!

Christmas Fun

 We've been trying to make the most of our Christmas Break so far.  Here are some pictures:
Caleb loves his "MeMe".  He also loves watching The Good Dinosaur on "dd".
 The Davis' hosted Friends Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ again this year.  We had yummy turkey, decorated cookies for Santa ๐ŸŽ…, and even had a show from the kids.  The Fallers and Sarbers joined us this year as well.

The twins had fun eating all the frosting and sprinkles!

Kenna and Emmy sang and danced...

...while Greyson played piano.
 We went on a double date with the Davis' to the casino for the yummy buffet (although next year, we'll have to go on the weekend to get crab legs๐Ÿฆ€ and prime rib!) and some card/slot playing๐ŸŽฐ.  We had a lot of fun but most of us lost money. ๐Ÿ’ฐ  I won $35 on penny slots, though!
 We also decided to help out the Salvation Army this year by signing up to ring the bell by Walmart in Dunlap.  We had to sign up for a 2 hour shift and although it wasn't very cold out (33 degrees), by the end, our toes were numb!❆  We tried to collect as much as we could by singing Christmas carols and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!  A few days later, I got an email saying we raised over $700 in our two hour shift!
 Nate and Sara visited us from Evansville so as we were cleaning out a room for them, the kiddos wrote them a note on the chalkboard.